Third Friday April 2018

April 2, 2018 by OVA arts

Third Friday Music April 20, 2018
Susan Cortez
5:30-7:30  at 238 E. Ojai Ave. in the Arcade

This month we are featuring the work of three artists:



Lynn Byrne Simon switched to pastel painting after many years of painting still life in oils. She has found the immediacy and earthiness of the pastel sticks really add dimension when painting the California landscapes. Her love of pastels and the local scenery is reflected in her




REBECCA PLUMB, Jewelry Designer/Metalsmith

As a jewelry designer/metalsmith Rebecca works with gold, sterling, fine silver, brass and copper. She presents her original artwork with the process of etching metal. Every piece is handmade and one of a kind. Come and enjoy her beautiful work that is inspired by nature and the gardens around us in Ojai.


GAYLE SWANSON, clay artist

My clay life was born over 20 years ago out of a move to Oregon, where it rained constantly and my outdoor passions were extremely restricted. I see my work as being watercolor on clay. Clay has more dimension than a canvas and allows me to create unusual forms. I love to spend time in my studio, and am always experimenting with new color combinations and variations.

Please come and join us for a very special evening of great music and art. Invite your friends and family to this FREE event.


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