Megan is inspired by organic shapes and textures found in nature, symbolic geometrics represented in art and architecture and a desire for unique self-expression. After working in interior design in Los Angeles, Megan fell in love with the art of designing jewelry. Come and enjoy her creative wax cast jewelry designs.


Anne’s paintings of nature, 3D “spirit Bowls” and wall hangings are inspired by the multi layered relationship human beings have with their natural surroundings. She sees metaphors and patterns in nature that reflect a spiritual aspect of life. Nature provides an endless source of inspiration and materials for Anne, stimulating her imagination with every rock, shell or plant.


Brian’s sculptures bring you to the importance of stillness, serenity and a peaceful presence. They install a calm sacred space, an environment most valuable in these hurried times. He calls his work ART FOR PEACE.

3rd Friday Entertainment!

Musicians Celtic Nut will be celebrating the first 3rd Friday of the New Year with us.  Please join us on Friday, January 18 from 5:30 – 7:30 at the gallery for a night filled with music, art and friends of the gallery. Refreshments will be served.