Bob McFall

It is my belief that art, in its many creative and expressive forms, is an essential element to a whole, healthy and enriched life. I have pursued photography as my primary medium. I look for beauty in the grand, awesomeness of nature. Please join me at our third Friday event and see what I discover “through the lens”.

Patty McFall

Patty enjoys creating figurative sculpture. Finding unlimited inspiration in the grace and beauty of the human body, she strives to capture the elusive elements of the human soul.

Linda Harmon

Linda Harmon loves to collect unusual beads and trinkets to combine into her colorful jewelry. Large beads, small beads, round and oval. You will see them all in her work. Please come and try them on at our Third Friday event

3rd Friday Entertainment: November 15, 5:30 - 7:30

Jon Gindick will entertain us with his fantastic music, please join us for our 3rd Friday event. A night filled with music, art and friends of the gallery.