David Blackburn

The incredible beauty of design in nature inspires our OVA Owner and featured artist David Blackburn. He is fascinated with the infinite combinations in geometric patterns, and vivid contrasts of wood in combination with other materials such as stone and metal. You will see his love of cars in the new thunderbird-tribute, a true masterpiece.

Stefan Roth

My images today embody my original love of film and techniques learned in the darkroom. Years of experimenting with different films and developers, a wide spectrum of photo papers, dodging, burning, solarization, multiple exposures, Polaroid manipulation, infrared film, filters, sandwiching negatives and more has given me a unique vision in this digital world. Here, I have merged the magical alchemy of film and light with a modern approach.

Karen Schneider

Karen has always been infatuated with gems. She especially loves opal, her birthstone, the play of colors seems magical. I have grown to appreciate all the special gems nature has to offer. My jewelry designs are simple and focus on the stones set in sterling silver.

3rd Friday Entertainment: January 17, 5:30 - 7:30

Smitty and Julija will entertain us with their fantastic music, please join us for our third Friday event. A night filled with music, art and friends of the gallery.