David Blackburn

Creativity is a gift and reflection of the Master Designer.  It’s that incredible beauty of design in nature which inspires me as an artist.  I’m particularly fascinated by the possibilities of complexity and fluidity in burl wood as well as the infinite combinations in geometric patterns and vivid contrasts afforded especially by the exotic varieties.

Wood art is the tree that never dies.  I use burl, woodgrain, shape, texture and color much as a musician uses harmony and dissonance.  Irregularities and “flaws” often become focal points in my pieces.  Ideas and inspiration are everywhere – a leaf, the pattern of a necktie, a piece of machinery, bits of driftwood or architectural design to name a few.  My art is interactive – it draws hands to experience it’s warmth through touch.

I “read” wood in order to cut and present it in the most dramatic way for the intended impression. Arranging combinations and contrasts so as to appear natural or complimentary, creating the appearance of veining or marbelizing of separate pieces together as if they were found that way, is often my goal.  The use of natural edges and other elements such as antler, metal, stone, gems, fossils and shell are melded with wood for creative expressions and vivid experience.  Carving, sculpting and the use of concealed or subtle hiding places offer a novel touch and interest to some of my pieces.  Sometimes whimsical features enters into the mix; sometimes unlikely pairings become the opposites that attract.