Andre Christou

Andre was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the renowned Neumann Design Institute found by Hans Newmann.

She worked in graphic design and applied arts in Caracas, Venezuela; Athens, Greece and Los Angeles, California until she discovered animation and pursued a career as an artist in one of numerous animation studios.

Currently, she dedicates her time to designing, creating and selling jewelry, teaching art to kids, taking care of her daughter and her dog, running the mountains, drawing a few cartoons, reading lots of books and developing fundraisers for her sponsored kid (an 11 year old girl named Nalaw and her family) in Pine Ridge, one of the poorest Native American reservations in South Dakota.

Andre believe that life is a big school where learning never stops. She is passionate about anything that nature has to offer: astronomy, science, chemistry with a special interest in bugs and taxidermy. Human behavior, anthropology, history and art are also some of her interests.

Andre currently lives in Ojai with her husband, daughter and Ika, the dog.