Kristen Clawson

My start in ceramics was a gift from my mother, also a potter. Little did she realize that when she gave me her kiln, wheel and glaze materials that she was starting me on something that would be much more than a hobby. It is a lifelong passion.

Pottery fulfills my desire to create something useful AND something beautiful. I focus on making my pieces comfortable in user’s hands and therefore the pieces that will be used over and over again. However, the decorative pieces allow pure creativity as the element of function is removed from the equation.

Pottery facts:

  • I create my work in my studio that is right out my back door.
  • Pieces are fired in a gas kiln to mid-range, Cone 5 and 6.
  • I make many of my own glazes and love to layer them and then let the atmosphere in the gas kiln do its magic. I can get a surprising array of results depending on how the glazes are layered and pieces are fired.
  • Functional pieces are food safe and can be placed in a microwave, dishwasher and heated up in an oven.