Patty McFall

I liked making things before I knew I was an artist. Early on it didn’t matter if it was painting murals on my kids’ walls or building a dog house. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know “how” to do any of it or even have the right tools. It wasn’t important that I knew ahead of time if it would be a success – there was just joy in the doing.

When I found sculpting those feelings all made sense to me… I was an artist. I found inspiration in all the details and loved being able to transform a lump of clay to capture a precise moment of expressed emotion. The challenge for me was to control the urge to “do it all” and just focus on one medium. But the creative opportunities of designing and making jewelry was so intriguing to me I just couldn’t resist. I wholly embraced this smaller sculptural version of artistic expression. Whether fabrication or casting I apply the organic elements of nature and the flowing graceful lines I loved in my sculpting experience. It was an easy transition from sculpting in clay to carving in wax – both use the lost wax casting process but with jewelry I am casting in precious metals in my own studio rather then using a foundry.