Robert McFall

It is my belief that art, in it’s many creative and expressive forms, is an essential element to a whole, healthy and enriched life. While studying and practicing numerous art forms throughout my life, I ultimately pursued photography as my primary medium to capture and record the countless aspects of our lives and world around us…nature, landscapes, people, places and events. I look for beauty in the grand, awesomeness of nature, but also in the detail of the small, sometimes overlooked ordinary scene. People – who they are, where they have lived and how they have contributed seem critical to document in some fashion…if for no other reason than to insure that their contributions are never forgotten. Some of my images are for the pure beauty of the subject.

Most photographic artists enjoy expressing their style and approach to their craft. My style is a “through the lens,” available light approach…that is, my images are as I find them in real life, with shadows, lights, color, imperfections and detail as nature intended it to be. This causes me to intently and patiently focus on timing and light, and to develop an appreciation of my subject in the field while exploring the best way to accurately record it.

Finally, my ultimate artistic fulfillment is connecting with an individual that desires to make my images a part of their lives in some manner…perhaps reflecting a place they have visited or dream of visiting, or finding beauty in the subject, or connecting with an image that touches a spiritual place within. The sharing of our art, the joy and thought it inspires and the myriad of creative process enjoyed must be considered one of the most enriching aspects of our lives.