Linda Harmon

I had been primarily a painter until a little over ten years ago. I began making jewelry because I wanted something personal to give my daughters and daughter-in-laws for the holidays. Little did I know I would end up marketing my designs and have a consuming desire to ornament other women’s necks! Each piece is designed to be a statement piece, highlighting the beauty of the stones and natural materials I use. I collect the loveliest and most unusual materials I can find. I use only sterling silver ear wires but do include copper, silver plate and/or pewter to introduce varied colors and shapes.
I spend quite a lot of time selecting the gems, pearls, or beads for interesting, unusual color and texture contrasts. I have a treasure trove of supplies that I arrange and then rearrange until I get the design just the way I like it. I’ve found it is often difficult to obtain certain stones and beads, so if you like it and it strikes your fancy, take it home. No two pieces I create are alike. Some designs are simple, some ornate, but every piece is created with care and passion for the artist in you.
I am especially excited about my Beato Ware, my line created in collaboration with the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in upper Ojai. These necklaces and earrings are designed around one-of-a-kind luster amulets and beads cast from Beatrice’s molds and using her glazes. I am proud to be creating these high-fire ceramic pieces that I then incorporate into new work meant to reflect Beato’s spirit of craft and whimsy. It is an honor to have been invited by the Center’s director, Kevin Wallace, to learn and practice this new skill in the very studio that holds her spirit.