Susan Hugo

I have been designing, creating and making all of my life. As a teenager in the 70’s I hammered brass hippie style earrings, tie dyed and batiked fabric. I couldn’t find the patterns to make the clothing I wanted so I studied fashion design. I worked as a fashion designer in Los Angeles through out my twenties.

I quit working in my 30’s to raise three children. I remodeled three homes in Los Angeles before moving to Santa Barbara where I got a degree in Interior Design.
I would walk by the jewelry studio and think I would rather be in there. After specializing in kitchen and bath design I started my own manufacturing business.

In 2013 I began taking jewelry classes for fun with my mentor Carl Stanley. After I cast my first piece of jewelry I was hooked. I find the lost wax process the best way to create my organic look. I’m inspired by the beautiful irregularities in nature and the raw stones and pearls it produces. I utilize mixed metals in many of my designs as it really brings the metal and stones to life. My jewelry is often symbolic and always minimalistic.