Hallie Katz


About Hallie Katz



Inspired by a teacher in a high school jewelry class in North Hollywood, CA, I made up my mind then and there: I would make jewelry for the rest of my life!

I studied art and metalsmithing at Cal State Northridge, and promptly rented a studio in the San Fernando Valley. From 1970 to 1980 I taught jewelry making to hobbyists and professionals. My husband, Stan, worked with me and we sold jewelry supplies to our students and those attending classes all over Los Angeles.

We moved to Ojai in 1980 to partner with friends in a gallery that they had started 5 years earlier. I began producing a line of silver and gold jewelry and sold it at juried craft shows, galleries, museums and gift shops around the country.

When Stan and I became sole owners of the gallery in 1991, we focused on showing a variety of fine crafts with an emphasis on jewelry. My career as an Ojai jewelry designer began to grow.

After a long successful run, our gallery, HumanArts, closed in July 2020. Our ‘retirement’ plan includes teaching in our renovated and expanded studio.

I create my sculptural jewelry using fabrication and lost wax casting techniques. I work in silver and gold, often incorporating clients’ gems to create a special piece that fits their lifestyle, and makes a unique statement.