Susan Dunbar

I merge traditional smithing techniques with precious metal clay. Exploring the possibilities is exciting to me. Coming from a ceramic clay background (see that side of me at I find PMC to be user-friendly and smithing lights up my inner pyro. I welded large sculptures while attending UCSB in the early ’80s, using an acetylene torch. It is a familiar sight to see the melting point. I was sent to the torch because my clay sculptures became too elongated for clay. I always seem to push the boundaries, the drive to explore and figure out the mechanics of my creative ideas come from both my engineer father and my artist mother.

I moved to the top of Figueroa Mountain with my horses, dogs and cats some twenty years ago. Nature and animals are so much a part of who I am and where inspiration comes to me. The ocean, forest and desert influence me to my core. Moving from the east coast at age 6, I have lived 95% of my life on the edge of the continent in SB county, with a stint during high-school years in the Arizona desert south of Tucson.

I worked in a metaphysical store and that began part of my learning about semi-precious stones and exploring crystal energy. I became a Usui Reiki Master during this period and began working with Shamanic healing techniques. My working with stones and making inspired adornment is an extension of this part of me.

I like to put healing energy into my artwork and believe the pieces will find the right person. I feel I am healing as I become focused and present in the making of each piece, especially when time disappears. My intent is that my work will bring joy and healing to the person they adorn.ld.