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Categories and Tags

Categories are the main heading that your work would go under. If there is a category not listed, please contact us to add. (Uncategorized is a default of WordPress – however, it will not show up in the shop)

Tags are essentially a subcategory. These you can add yourself. The ones we have thought of are listed below. Please use the tags below if they apply. (Note: in the shop, they are called TYPE”

Categories and Tags allows the shopper to refine what they are shopping for.


Many artists prefer to include shipping in their price. One way you can easily calculate your shipping rate is to look at shipping as if you were going to ship USPS FLAT RATE. You then ship whichever method you prefer but the FLAT RATE should cover shipping within the U.S. and it possibly will cover you handling expenses. You can choose whatever method works for you.

How do I Log in?

First, we have to approve you as a vendor. WordPress will send you instructions with your password and log in – however, sometimes it seems it doesn’t. If that’s the case, please contact us.

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