Carl Stanley March 2015

Fusion Cuff Bracelet
with Carl Stanley
Saturday March 28, 10am to 6pm
OR…Tuesday March 31, 10am – 6pm
$125 plus materials
In this fantastic class students will have an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet. This bracelet is made by fusing sterling sheet and wire together using a torch.

Fusion takes place at high temperature – near the melting point of the silver.This causes the silver to bond together without the use of solder. Because of the heat involved there is some distortion.
However with careful control this distortion becomes an artistic design element that gives a unique look, texture and style to the silver.After fusing – the bracelet is formed, sanded and polished.
Then a patina is applied to bring out the detail. Color can then be added to bring a rich finish to this masterful creation.

Join Carl Stanley in this wonderful class as he guides you through the fusion process and helps you create a wonderful bracelet treasure.