Third Friday Music November 17
Lacy Black
5:30-7:30  at 238 E. Ojai Ave. in the Arcade

Lacy Black

Lacy Black is a singer-songwriter from Durango, Colorado and will be performing at our third Friday event for November.  She has a unique interpretation of well-known songs and we are sure you will enjoy her musical talents. 

Meet some of our local artists and see their newest works.  This month we are featuring the work of three artists:

Andre Christou, Jeweler


Andre is from Caracas, Venezuela and has always been fascinated with anything that sparkled, shimmered or reflected light. She says its challenging committing to one style of jewelry, as life itself changes and takes different shapes depending on your point of view. She hopes you find something  you like and can take the time to enjoy the detail in every turn of the wire.

Nancy Horwick, Painter

Horwick Hoppy Moon Vines

Nancy is strongly influenced by 19th century painters.  She paints objects, scenes, and people.  Her aim is to balance the good technical aspects of painting with feeling.  She has always been a close observer of people, nature and mood, and this serves her well when choosing a subject to paint as you will observe in her beautiful works of art. 

Patty McFall, Sculptor and Jeweler

McFall Standing woman
Patty Mc Fall enjoys creating figurative sculpture, working primarily in water and oil based clay.  She finds unlimited inspiration in the grace and beauty of the human body and strives to capture that elusive element… the essence of the soul.  Whether she finds it revealed in a movement that is graceful or bold, or an expression in a face, you will enjoy her works of art and feel the emotion she has sought to express in her sculpture.

Please come and join us for a very special evening of great music and art. Invite your friends and family to this FREE event.

On the last Wednesday of each month at OVA Arts Gallery, Patty Van Dyke and Nancy Horwick lead the Artists Critique Group at 7pm.

If you’d like some helpful discussion and comments, come to our nonjudgmental critique group.  All mediums welcome.  You do not have to be a member of OVA to participate.




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