Third Friday Music July 21
Ojai Singer Songwriter Sus Corez
5:30-7:30  at 238 E. Ojai Ave. in the Arcade



Sus Corez has been performing her folky funky acoustic soul sound since escaping form Los Angeles in 1994. She’s been under the influence of Joni, Dylan, plus all the R&B greats and even gigged as keyboardist for Latin jazz combos during the 80’s and 90’s. No matter what genre, she’ll either create a unique interpretation of a standard or set pen to paper to create songs of with and wisdom.

This month we are featuring the work of three artists:


Kristen Clawson
When I found pottery I found a lifelong passion. Pottery serves my desire to create something useful AND beautiful. My focus is on making my pieces comfortable in your hands and therefore the piece that you will want to use over and over again. To conserve on natural resources I fire my pottery to mid-range. Functional pieces can be put into a microwave, dishwasher and oven (not pre-heated).
I have lived in Ojai since 1993 and can think of no better place to be creative. My studio is at my home so I am able to throw, glaze and fire my ware right out my back door. My chickens often wander by to see what I’m doing and my dog and parakeet are always present to keep me company. It is truly a peaceful place.


Sharon Curtis
“I am an avid sea glass collector and metalsmith jeweler living at the beach in Mandalay Beach. I consider myself an “intuitive” designer, taking inspiration from the materials themselves: their colors, shapes and textures. A happy circumstance is seeing something that catches my eye, inspires a design and evolves into a piece of art. In creating jewelry, I use various metals, old sea glass, and ancient Roman-period glass. Many of my designs incorporate an ocean theme.
My love for designing and making jewelry came from years as a production artist at a small university. That experience taught me much about basic design elements and resulted in a strong urge to create more personal and three dimensional art.



Liz Tallakson
After a career in education, Liz Tallakson discovered a new passion: reproducing the amazing colors and textures of nature. After years of roaming the majestic Sierras, she discovered that pastel provides the perfect medium with which to portray her exploration of both Southern California’s unique locales and other majestic mountainous regions throughout the country. In contrast, her watercolors capture the subtle nuances of florals in vibrant hues.

Please come and join us for a very special evening of great music and art. Invite your friends and family to this FREE event.




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