Gayle Minjarez Jewelry Feb 2015

Hand Dyed Aluminum for Jewelry
with Gayle Minjarez

Saturday, Feb 28th from 10am to 6pm
Class Fee – $120
Materials Fee – $20

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Aluminum SamplesThis workshop will concentrate on hand dyeing pre-anodised aluminum sheets. We will dip the metal in dye baths and add resists to continue adding layers of color. It is possible to sponge on color, add color with stencils, drawing on color with permanent felt pens, and dipping the aluminum in color baths.

The color on the surface of the aluminum will be steam sealed to make it a permanent working surface on the metal. Once the sealing has taken place and the surface cleaned of any wax or glue build up the metal can be textured with hammers , or in a rolling mill and cut and formed into shapes to be used in various creative projects.

Gayle will discuss the texture and forming methods that she uses in her pendants and bracelets.

The focus in this workshop is on the dyeing process and each student will go home with at least 6 small 3×3 hand dyed sheets and will be able to use them in their own jewelry designs, or mounted in collages or cold connected to metal or wood for sculpture.

Gayle Minjarez is a Santa Barbara artist who works with hand dyed aluminum cold connected to her sterling silver pendants and bracelets. These dyed additions are much like small intimate paintings. She has been working with this technique for about 5 years, testing different resists and surface coloring techniques to add interest to her limited edition jewelry.