Martha Moran

Inspired by the ancient art of rockstacking, Martha brings a fresh take to a tradition as old as human history. She works with found rocks and pebbles, boulders, petrified wood, semi-precious stones and various metals, pinning stones that are inherently sculptural together with steel rod. Martha likes to think of her work in the tradition of Runestones, Inukshuks, Standing Stone Circles and she is a big sucker for old graveyards.

You can see Martha’s larger sculptures around Ojai, particularly in the front courtyard at the Ojai Valley Museum. Martha is delighted to be at OVA arts where she can present smaller work – including desktop-sized Reiki RocksTM sculptures, candleholders and hanging rockstack chimes.

For the first time, in her OVA arts  Studio Gallery show Martha will be presenting her Petroglyph Wall Pieces, designed to hang on a wall or be grouted into a bath or kitchen. She carves her own Petroglyphs in flagstone – the designs tied together with “ribbons” of smaller stones and honed marble. Truly unique!

Martha has a BA from the College of Creative Studies at UCSB, an MFA from UCLA Film School and is a member of the Ojai Studio Artists. She is also a Reiki Master and sends healing Reiki energy with all her pieces.

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