Ojai Valley Artists has a variety of artists in all mediums. Feel free to look through their work.

claudia Abderhalden 2 Moons Earrings and Pendant sterling silver with patina 1.25x1.25

Claudia Abderhalden

Claudia Abderhalden:Jeweler
Born and raised in Switzerland, I have been living in Santa Barbara, California since 1997 where I completed an interior design program in 2003. After attending jewelry classes at the Santa Barbara Continuing Education Program, I found my passion for working with precious metals and, applying my design background, I have been designing and crafting jewelry ever since. Since 2006 I am working as a full-time designing jeweler in Santa Barbara, CA.

Jim Bayless

Jim Bayless: Jeweler
Jim specializes in lapidary and sets his stones in hand fabricated sterling silver and 14K gold. Sometimes he sneaks in unique fossils and bones to surprise and delight his customers.

Christine Beirne

Christine Beirne: Painter
I explore light, shadow and sound with color and texture on a hard surface that allows me to respond to my environment with a physicality that is imprinted, built up or scratched into the surface.

David Blackburn

David Blackburn: Woodworker
Creativity is a gift and reflection of the Master Designer.  It’s that incredible beauty of design in nature which inspires me as an artist.  I’m particularly fascinated by the possibilities of complexity and fluidity in burl wood as well as the infinite combinations in geometric patterns and vivid contrasts afforded especially by the exotic varieties.

Joshua Ivan Bloch Natural Intimacy 2019 Oil on canvas 24 x 36

Joshua Ivan Bloch

Joshua Ivan Bloch: Painter
Joshua is known best for his modern and urban landscape paintings that borderline on the esoteric. He has won several awards and has had numerous commissions from across the country.

Heidi Bradbury

Heidi Bradbury: Painter
Heidi Bradbury is principally a watercolorist but has a substantial background in other media such as oils, acrylics, and color pencils. Her Yosemite art was exhibited and sold at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park. She is an equestrian and beginning to paint reined cow and cutting horses, the models for which she also rides.

Tanya Burke

Tanya Burke: Knitter
As a young girl of approximately 10 years of age, I was taught to knit and crochet by my grandmother Florence. I believe it was her way of giving some relief to a poor mother of a very hyperactive child.
While I was in college at Michigan State University in the 60's, I was part of a group of young women who would study and knit...

Kristen Clawson

Kristen Clawson: Ceramist
My start in ceramics was a gift from my mother, also a potter. Little did she realize that when she gave me her kiln, wheel and glaze materials that she was starting me on something that would be much more than a hobby. It is a lifelong passion.

Nancy Currey

Nancy Currey: Ceramist
As a kid obsessed with Jeanie's posh bottle home (prison?) in the 1970's fantasy sitcom reruns I Dream of Jeanie, I first tried making a multi-sided bottle from construction paper, tape and scissors. It was a bad hose: flimsy, uninhabitable and soggy with water. Play-Doh proved a big improvement, Fimo even more so.

Sharon Curtis

Sharon Curtis: Jeweler
My love for designing and making jewelry came from years as a production artist at a small university. That experience taught me much about basic design elements and resulted in a strong urge to create more personal and three dimensional art. After a few jewelry making classes, tutorials, etc., I was hooked. I have been learning and practicing new techniques ever since. I am a perfectionist and strive for the highest level of craftsmanship.

Susan Dunbar/Larimar Gypsy/ Sterling silver and Larimar Pendant/approximately 2"x2"

Susan H. Dunbar

Susan H. Dunbar: Jeweler
I merge traditional smithing techniques with precious metal clay. Exploring the possibilities is exciting to me. Coming from a ceramic clay background (see that side of me at http://www.dunbarstudios.com) I find PMC to be user-friendly and smithing lights up my inner pyro. I welded large sculptures while attending UCSB in the early ’80s, using an acetylene torch.

Linda Fox

Linda Fox: Jeweler
Linda inherited her fascination of rocks and jewelry from her father, a certified gemologist & G.I.A. graduate. They went on many rock trips as a kid.

Ted Gall

Theodore Gall began his career in the arts in the mid-sixties as an animator for teaching films. He has been working in metal since his early days as an artist. Although his work has not been limited to the human form it has been his primary focus throughout his career.

Green Tea and Grapes by Carlos Grasso, 12x15 framed, oil on board

Carlos Grasso

Carlos Grasso: Painter
Carlos Grasso’s personal journey began in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his parents encouraged his interest in the arts, particularly music. As a young adult, while studying figure drawing in workshops, he also studied both piano and flute at the National Conservatory of Music before moving to Paris, where he worked as a professional flautist for 15 years.

Nancy Horwick

Nancy Horwick: Painter
Nancy is a long-time Ojai resident and painter. A former student of established British trompe l’oeil painter Robert Walker, she has studied with other American artists she admires, such as David Leffel, Jennifer McChristian, and Robert Burridge. She’s a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, Carpinteria Valley Arts Council, and SCAPE (Southern California Artists Painting the Environment.)

Susan Hugo Mixed Metal aquamarine ring

Susan Hugo

Susan HugoJewelryI have been designing, creating and making all of my life. As a teenager in the 70's I hammered brass hippie style earrings, tie dyed and batiked fabric. I couldn't find the patterns to make the clothing I wanted so I studied fashion design. I...

Hallie Katz

Hallie Katz: Jeweler
Inspired by a teacher in a high school jewelry class in North Hollywood, CA, I made up my mind then and there: I would make jewelry for the rest of my life!

Vera Maguire

Vera Maguire: Ceramist
Vera loves to go sailing, yoga, work on her ceramics, cooking, writing and laughing with friends over a glass of wine at the beach. Vera started in 1994 with ceramics at Ventura College in Ventura California and the following year, 1995 she moved back to Europe. Vera had a ceramic studio in the Netherlands for 20 years and moved back to Ventura in 2013 to start a new studio.

Patty McFall

Patty McFall: Jeweler/Sculptor
I liked making things before I knew I was an artist. Early on it didn’t matter if it was painting murals on my kids’ walls or building a dog house. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know “how” to do any of it or even have the right tools. It wasn’t important that I knew ahead of time if it would be a success – there was just joy in the doing.

Robert McFall

Robert McFall: Photographer
It is my belief that art, in it’s many creative and expressive forms, is an essential element to a whole, healthy and enriched life. While studying and practicing numerous art forms throughout my life, I ultimately pursued photography as my primary medium to capture and record the countless aspects of our lives and world around us…nature, landscapes, people, places and events. I look for beauty in the grand, awesomeness of nature, but also in the detail of the small, sometimes overlooked ordinary scene.


Gayle Whitley Minjarez

Gayle Whitley Minjarez: Jeweler
Looking back at your own history is a real TRIP. After college in the 60's as a design and art history major, I became an art teacher. My first piece of jewelry was a pair of handmade wedding rings for my husband and I in 1970. After 7 years of teaching in Temple City, we moved to Santa Barbara, California. There were no teaching positions available at that time so I opened a ceramic studio.

Martha Moran

Martha Moran: Sculptor
Inspired by the ancient art of rockstacking, Martha brings a fresh take to a tradition as old as human history. She works with stones she finds inherently sculptural — mixing semi-precious stones with found rocks, boulders as well as copper.

Virginia Pierce

Virginia Pierce: Painter
My work is an expression of my ever changing life experiences. It is all about light and atmosphere. I have a broad range of artistic expression, from bronze casting, oil painting, terra-cotta, to my current body of work which is comprised of landscapes and florals in watercolor and pastel or both.
I have been classically trained in painting and drawing from a young age from my father who was a professional artist.

William Prosser

William Prosser: Painter
I have been drawing since I was a little kid, so it was natural for me to fall into painting, which is really only drawing with paint. In the beginning, I think all painting artists copy photographs, learning form and color, and then study other artist's work to gain an understanding of technique, and then seek out artists to learn their 'secrets.'

Sherri Sanchez

Sherri Sanchez: Mosaic Artist
I have loved glass my whole adult life! Starting with stained glass, then owning a bead store and now mosaics where I combine both glass and beads. Making mosaics is part of my spiritual practice , where I find serenity and push the boundaries of my imagination. My search for materials takes me to Gem shows in Tucson,  antique markets in every city and Mosaic Conferences in  Nashville, Tacoma and San Diego.

Ben Stein

Ben Stein: Woodworker
Since day one, I have always been very passionate about art and crafts. It is important to pay close attention to detail. Woodworking and making cutting boards started out as a hobby. I started by making cutting boards as gifts for family and friends and I would personally challenge myself to produce more difficult designs. My family and friends suggested that I start selling to the public.

Valerie Sage Townley

Valerie Sage Townley: Painter
Valerie lived most of her life in the tropics on a remote beach in Costa Rica where canvas was impossible to find. Driftwood became her canvas. She uses mixed media of metallic and acrylic paint, torn paper and ink.

Sandy Treadwell "Lake Swim"

Sandy Treadwell

Sandy Treadwell: Portrait Artist
Sandy's portraits of people and animals are done in charcoal on paper mounted on board. He has had solo shows, and his work has been bought by collectors in Arizona, California and New York.

Elaine Unzicker Extra Decorated Scarf stainless 45" long

Elaine Unzicker

Elaine Unzicker: Jeweler
When a woman wears the transparent veil of chain mail, it invokes a sense of security and a feeling of empowerment. It represents the ceremony of ritual taken on for a specific event.

Kristy Vantrease

Kristy Vantrease: Painter
Kristy Vantrease was born in Ojai, California and is a third generation Ojai resident. She studied Fine Art at the University of Maryland and for the next ten years painted exclusively in oils both on canvas and masonite. After living and raising a family on the East Coast she returned to Ojai from Connecticut in 1995.

Julie Wellings Celedon flower bowl 4x4

Julie Wellings

Julie Wellings: Ceramist
Julie is an owner of OVA as well as being a founder and Director of Ojai Pottery and Clay School. Her passion for working in clay motivates her to explore a range of ceramic expression from functional ware to bowls shaped like flowers to carvings with motifs drawn from nature.

Ellen Wohlstadter

Ellen Wohlstadter: Ceramist
Ellen is a locally recognized studio potter. Her creative journey began over 25 years ago after a fulfilling carrier in the record industry.